Studio Policies & FAQ

How many people are in a class?

To ensure our instructors are able to provide each client with the appropriate amount of guidance and the safest exercise environment, a maximum of 6 people are allowed per class. 

Do I have to register online or can I drop in for class?

Signing up online will guarantee you a machine in class. We do allow drop-ins; however, if more than 6 people show up for a class, you may risk losing your machine to someone who is signed up online. Drop-ins will be given a machine based on a first-come first-serve basis. If you get bumped from a machine, you will not be charged for class.


If a class is full, you may put yourself on the waitlist. If there has been a cancellation, MINDBODY will move you into the class and you will receive an email confirmation. Once in the class, all cancellation policies apply.


24-hours notice is required to avoid being charged for the class. Please go online or call (707) 447-9750 to cancel your reservation. 

How many days a week should I do Pilates?

Frequency varies for each individual. Most clients come 1-2 times a week and prefer to do one reformer and one cadillac class weekly. Some clients use Pilates to supplement other exercise programs such as running, swimming, cycling or weight lifting. Some do Pilates as an adjuct to recreational activities, such as golfing or tennis. The optimum exercise program combines aspects of resistance training (as done in Pilates), flexibility (also done in Pilates), and endurance training. 

I have trouble getting up and down from the floor. Is mat class right for me?

Our mat classes are performed on the cadillac tables, therefore, getting up and down from the ground is not a requirement.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing. Clothes may be semi-loose fitting, but please no bulky or baggy clothing. Keep in mind the more our instructors can see your body, the better we can see and correct your form. Some go barefoot while on the machines, while some prefer to wear socks or "toe socks."


Parking is FREE!