Pre-surgical pilates

Research is emerging that demonstrates the benefits of a pre-surgical exercise program in optimizing surgical outcomes and reducing recovery times. Rehabilitation is often thought of post-surgery; however, more and more surgeons are recommending a period of pre-surgical rehabilitation to strengthen the appropriate structures prior to the traumatic event of a surgery. "Pre-habilitation," or "pre-hab" for short, is a therapeutic exercise program initiated approximately 6 weeks prior to surgery that focuses on giving an individual the strength and flexibility needed to reduce your time spent in the hospital following surgery and reducing the overall time taken to get back to your optimal functional status. Under the skilful guidance of our instructors, some who are also licensed Physical Therapists, you will learn a safe and effective exercise program suited to your pre-surgical needs. Exercise may not be recommended for all injuries prior to surgery. It is important to consult with your physician to see if exercise is appropriate prior to your surgical procedure.



Many clients wish to continue their rehabilitation once discharged from physical therapy; however, they are often unsure of what is safe and how to safely progress their exercise programs. Our instructors are experienced in working with clients with various conditions following their physical therapy treatment in our clinic.


Aging and Balance

As we age, our joints begin to feel the aches of daily life and we aren't quite as steady on our feet as we used to be. Although this is part of the natural process of aging, Pilates can aid in slowing the progression. Pilates is a low-impact method of exercise, often taking gravity out of the equation making it more gentle on our joints. Not only does Pilates strengthen the muscles, it stimulates our proprioceptors, which give the body a sense of where the joints are in space. The combination of strengthening and proprioceptive training can effectively improve an individual's balance.



Many women find Pilates to be one of the best forms of exercise to do before, during, and following their pregnancy. Your growing belly begins to stretch out your abdominal muscles and, more importantly, your lower abdominal, transverse abdominal, and obliques which are important muscles in protecting your spine. The weight of the baby stretches your pelvic floor muscles and the new weight on the front of your body puts an extra stress on the back of your body, most commonly your lumbar spine. The Pilates Method focuses on strengthening your entire core. Learning to recruit and activate these muscles prior to the stress of a pregnancy will improve your ability to tighten these muscles back up following your pregnancy.