Martha Williams

In 1995, after expanding SportRehab’s size, my PT Assistant and I went looking for new equipment for our larger clinic.  We wanted something that fit with our practice of integrating whole body movement into our rehabilitation. My friend  introduced me to Pilate’s equipment and the philosophy, and directed me to a training program at Purchase College-State University of New York. Following my training I returned to California where I purchased my first Reformer, Cadillac and Chair. I followed up with more training through Brett’s Polestar Education at St Francis Hospital Dance and Sports Medicine in San Francisco. By 2002, SportRehab was growing again and we moved in our own building at 81 Cernon Street. This gave us space to expand our Pilates offering to a separate studio and we began teaching classes.  Continuing to search for more knowledge, I discovered Rael Isacowitz of BASI Pilates and completed another certified training course.

When first learning Pilates, I feel that it is critical to understand how your body moves. My clients tell me I make them think when they do Pilates and I tell them that is why we call it Mind Body work.


Katherine Voepel Ward

After 4 years working exclusively as a Physical Therapist Katherine noticed she was often searching for that final missing piece in her patient’s rehabilitation. They were close to full recovery, but  needed ongoing continued care and work on various sites of weakness or stiffness. Kat wanted more for her patients than just being cut loose to fend for themselves unsupervised. She found the missing piece with Pilates and is in the process of undergoing comprehensive teacher training through Balanced Body. 

Her background as a PT provides her with deeper insight than the average Pilates instructor and makes her an ideal instructor for those with comorbidities, ongoing pathologies, or previous injuries. She loves helping clients of all ages and activity levels improve their body awareness, strength, and flexibility.


Annie Mcdonnell

Annie fell in love with Pilates with equipment as she was awaiting a spinal fusion.  She had been able to manage her chronic low back pain (birth defect plus limbo champion) for years after taking courses in chronic low back pain management and was very active daily in tennis, swimming, hiking, P90X3.  Unable to participate in these activities once her pain worsened and spine became unstable, she was amazed with the difference in pain and core, upper and lower body strengthening possible with the Pilates equipment while protecting her unstable spondylolisthesis.  Now post-op, she tries to practice Pilates daily and plans to for a lifetime.  Pilates is a fantastic way to keep balance in the body and mind!