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Patient Testimonials

"Katherine is lovely, gentle, helpful, and knows which movement works best for my problems.  She's always checking to see if it hurts."


"Everyone has been helpful and very nice each time I come in.  I would come back to this facility again for sure!"


"Super helpful, Julie was amazing and really great at addressing my neck and back problems after a car accident.  Thanks so much!"


"They were very helpful and friendly.  Any questions I asked where always answered.  Nicole listened to me and got me through the pain.  Thank you so very much."


"Julie is the BEST, she is very caring and excellent in the knowledge of her field.  If I have any problems in the future I will come back here."


"They worked with me and workers comp to accommodate my doctor's orders. My therapist made a game plan and how that played out was dependent on pain levels a the time of appointments.  Marked improvement in flexibility and strength due to home and clinic applications.  Very positive attitude about this betting back to better than normal."