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I initially came to Sport Rehab for physical therapy for knee tendonitis. Martha Williams used Pilates methods to strengthen the muscles and correct the way I was walking. Walking and the way we USE our bodies becomes unconscious. Pilates has taught me to THINK about being kind to my body and the importance of maintaining strength, in order to maintain health. I feel 20 years younger than my age instead of 20 years older.

Patricia Schieberl

I am 89 years old and have been a fan of Pilates for some time now because of the good muscle toning and body strength and good mobility it has given me. It has made my home life much easier.


Five years ago after I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, a friend suggested Pilates at Sport Rehab. I was delighted to find a highly trained staff who were sensitive to each individual's strengths and weaknesses. The exercises were challenging and fun. The atmosphere was warm and friendly. The best part for me personally was that in addition to my improved core strength and balance, a recent bone scan revealed that I no longer had osteoporosis.

Janet Horita, age 75

When I started Pilates I was physically much weaker due to constant joint pain. Doing Pilates with instructors that know how to adjust the movements to help the joints and not destroy or make them worse was a major plus for me. Being active all my life made me want some form of exercise I could to that would keep me limber and strengthen my body. Doing Pilates at Sport Rehab has enabled me to accomplish both and also have a great time.

Heidi Lynch

Pilates at Sport Rehab has most definitely had a positive impact on my daily life. Previous to starting Pilates, I was having trouble with my back and neck, my balance, and my overall stamina and ease of movement in bending, doing household and yard work, etc. After some weeks of core strengthening and attending Pilates classes twice a week, I found everything becoming easier with less pain after a day of working in the yard or cleaning house or even just standing for a lengthy period of time. The various staff members are well trained, monitored by a licensed therapist and in tune with each clients' issues. I have reached the point that I feel I can't afford to miss my Pilates classes. I would never want to be back to the point where I started or sacrifice the quality of life I've gained!

Stephanie DeMoe

I literally limped into Sport Rehab about 2 years ago. As a practicing dental professional, musculoskeletal issues have arisen over time . My daily and professional life has been enhanced exponentially with the weekly Pilates regime. I am incredibly grateful to have instructors with such a wealth of experience. Most of the Pilates instructors are physical therapists. They have "seen it all"! An entire staff of professional people. Lucky me!

 Beth Gabriel