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Prehab for Runners

At SportRehab, we have a Prehab Runner Program designed to help any runner improve and stay healthy. The Prehab program consists of an initial 1 hour assessment where we will review your running history and any related health history, go over your goals and injury concerns/history, perform a detailed biomechanical analysis standing, sitting, and lying down, and perform running gait analysis on a treadmill or sidewalk. We will explain the results of these tests and put together your very own personalized Prehab Plan that will include exercises, routines, and things to change, all of which you can do in the comfort of your home. We’ll also discuss timelines and set up follow-up appointments.


Prehab Package: $200

-  Package includes eval, gait analysis, muscle imbalance analysis, education, home exercise/home gym program, and 2 follow up appointments


Pay as You Go Cash Rates:

-  Initial Evaluation: $95

-  Follow Up Visits: $60

-  Re-evaluation: $80